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Armored and Security Vehicles

Armor Composite Engineering Security Vehicles division was formed to provide a dedicated workshop, with qualified staff, to provide the Australasian region with a quality vehicle armouring service, so the security and protection industry can utilise the benefits of A.C.E. materials and manufacturing technologies.

Armor Composite Engineering Security Vehicles team has decades of experience in developing cutting edge materials, manufacturing methods and tailored solutions for ballistic and blast-resistant protection systems that have been used in Defence and civilian vehicles, maritime platforms and aerospace applications. Our experience is unique, which allows A.C.E. to offer the best performing solutions for the least weight and cost.

Armor Composite Engineering Security Vehicles tailored materials and solutions, combined with our engineering capabilities allow us to offer the best performing vehicles, with the highest protected coverage area, with the best finish for the best price. Our in house capabilities also provide the best one stop shop for your off the shelf or custom requirements, commercial or passenger vehicle application, covert or otherwise.

Armor Composite Engineering Security Vehicles utilise only the highest quality materials, including specialist composite, ceramic and lightweight ultra-high hard steel based materials not available elsewhere in our region, to provide the most protection for the least weight, the most versatile and safe vehicles that are fully engineered and local transport department approved. Solutions can be tailored to suit any international standard while our covert Hyundai iLoad and Mercedes Sprinter vehicles are fitted with our commercial off the shelf solutions that have been independently tested and accredited to provide protection IAW AS/NZS 2343-1997 to suit the Australian Security and Banking industry while also complying with federal or OH&S regulations for personal protection.

No other similar product provides the coverage area of our systems, or meet the low weight and available payload. No competitor can produce light weight armour in the shapes and sizes that A.C.E. can, which also reduces vulnerable areas within the protection system.

The fit and finish of Armor Composite Engineering’s installations, along with the knowledge that only the best materials are used, will provide your staff with the security required, as well as desired, while having the comfort of a
regular vehicle with ample payload. All A.C.E. vehicle installations are fully engineered and DMT approved providing the safety and insurance criteria required, making them the perfect choice for armed security guards, covert cash in transit (CIT) as well as pharmaceutical, jewellery and valuable item transport.

All international certification standards can be catered for by both our internal ballistic test laboratory and the independent accredited testing authorities utilised for product certification.