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Safety Products

A.C.E. manufacturers the following Safety Products for vehicle applications. The products have evolved following the development and use of key materials within previous A.C.E. military projects. A.C.E. has now also adapted our materials and manufacturing processes in order to offer these products to the civilian market.


Custom head protection systems are made to order utilising EIS W50, SFI 45.2 approved foam, A.C.E. urethane and CarbonX fire-resistant materials.

Seat cushions for land vehicles and aircraft can be produced to reduce or illuminate injuries caused by shock loads from heavy landings, mine blasts or impacts.

Custom seat insert kits and installations are available from A.C.E. These kits carry SFI 45.2 certification for use in all motorsports. The low rebound high energy damping materials provide the best fitting seat available with the greatest level of protection. They significantly reduce injuries and save lives.

Custom seat fabrication and development can be undertaken for any application.


A.C.E. moulded driveline protection panels utilise the latest ballistic protection technology. The semi-rigid panels are custom made to suit the host vehicle for the level of protection required.